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Mancoria is wearable art, laced with story. It began with friendship bracelets. Beading. Hammered wire. Then my craft was alchemized in my early twenties, while living in South America.

I met street artists; traveling artesanos. I was graciously taught how to make every detail by hand. How to carry an entire workshop in a backpack. How to create beauty in the world, even when the world gives so little.

My craft is a humble ode to them, my friends & teachers. To their stories of sacrifice, dedication, oppression & freedom. Mancoria is named after a few of my favorite coastal towns in Ecuador, where traveling artists flow in & out with the tides.

Each piece re-purposes material with its own journey. Bike parts. Scrap metal. Mushrooms. Beans. Arthropods. Broken treasures. Antique forks. My work attempts to breathe life into these castaways.

Mancoria is craft that blends functionality, art, affordability & expression. There are stories in this gnarled metal. And you entangle yourself in them by wearing it.

Go ahead, look around, and join me as this craft evolves.


-Kelsey Sheridan, 2017

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